Malki Jayakody is a visual artist from the Gampaha district who developed a love for creating art while helping her mother make handicrafts at a young age. She is a graduate of the Kelaniya University with a degree in Visual Arts. She enjoys portraying themes that represent women, and frequently uses women's portraits and self-portraits in her artwork.

For Our Stories, Malki has based her artwork on the story of a woman who underwent many hardships and challenges due to the civil war. Malki uses the methods and language that she is familiar with to depict the story through her art. She frames human images, mixed mediums and poetry together, to convey the themes that impact her the most. Closer inspection reveals her use of human images and body language to depict the emotions of pain, sadness and terror. They are brought out through the postures of the subjects who are crouching or laying on a bed, with facial expressions of fear and sadness. She also uses a variety of mediums to convey the theme, including tracing paper, pages of magazines, poetry and watercolors.